New Orleans Hotel and Travel Guide New Orleans Tour Guide – New Orleans is a fantastic city as you will come to see. It is known as the “Big Easy” because the people love to have fun. What a town! Many people immediately think of New Orleans as the city that hosts the party Mardi Gras – it’s like the party that never ends. Even if you can’t go at Mardi Gras time you can visit Blain Kern’s Mardi Gras World and see the Mardi Gras memorabilia, and watch the artists and craftsman preparing for the biggest party of the year.

The New Orleans Mardi Gras is officially on one day, the day before Ash Wednesday. But in New Orleans, the celebrations, parades and festivities associated with Mardi Gras kick off in early January and go non-stop to Mardi Gras. It will get into your soul and haunt you down so that you will come back again and again.

New Orleans Mardi Gras received its nickname “The Big Easy” for the all night parties and all day parties it throws. You’ll have wonderful times as you visit this well-known area. Touring the area on foot, or taking a cruise on board the River Cajun Queen or traveling on trips by car you will have a great time in New Orleans as so many others have.

From the New Orleans Aquarium of the Americas and the Audubon Zoo as well as the fun you’ll have haunting the nightlife, eating the delicious seafood and drinking, dancing and singing you’ll be pleasantly and thoroughly entertained. There won’t be any time to waste as this place has more to see and do than you can imagine.

New Orleans Hotel Guide With a myriad of Hotels in New Orleans to choose from, you can be close to the action and yet have a place to rest your head on a pillow if you need to. Sleep? I don’t think you’ll get too much of that because you won’t want to miss anything. Come one and come all to the party land! You may just wish to take some naps in the afternoons to gear up for the nights, because in this town you’ll really want kick up your heels. So have a rip roaring good time in New Orleans. Don’t miss the fun! For others there is the historical side of New Orleans – the history, the jazz, culture, the growth of the Mississippi as a trading route. New Orleans as well as the fun side has many cultural and natural history attractions.