New Orleans CultureNew Orleans Culture – The cultural aspects of New Orleans as well as in other major cities are quite alluring. You’ll find many interesting options that you’ll wish to take advantage of. The traditional Mardi Gras celebrations incorporate many of the cultural aspects of New Orleans that have developed over more than 100 years and this is so well displayed in the various parades, floats and street parties. Featuring artists, craftsman, dance, theatre and music. You name it at Mardi Gras it is the endless party from all nationalities. It is the cultural experience of the year.

There are many Museums in New Orleans and from each of these you will get a flavour of the many cultural influences on the New Orleans of today.

In New Orleans, there is also a diversity of culture within the residents of the area. So many different kinds of people live in the area, however it still is quite a difference between the rich and the poor. There are separate sections for each. Much is being done to circumvent the difference to bring all people as one in this bustling city. After all New Orleans is about living life to the hilt. The great “Big Easy”. No party is the same if only a few are invited. In New Orleans, the party begins and everyone in the world is invited