New Transport

New Orleans TransportNew Orleans Transport – New Orleans has a very good public transport system based on many bus routes. Run by the RTA, it claims that most places are within a few minutes of a bus service. Further information on routes and schedules including a map can be found at the link below.

Visitor passes are available at 5 dollars for one day and 12 dollars for a three day ticket. Otherwise the cost of a single trip is around $1.25- 1.50 with 25c extra for transfers. You buy a ticket on boarding the bus or streetcar but you must have the exact change.

The city has just reintroduced Street Cars and this colorful means of transport now runs on two routes. The Number 42 which goes from French Market to the Cemetries; and the Number 45 which runs from French Market to City Park. These streetcars are based on the Perley-Thomas streetcars but are modernised, airconditioned and newly built streetcars with chair lifts etc. At present 24 bright red street cars provide the services on the two routes. These routes were reintroduced during 2004. The city streetcar system is the oldest in America and it is a great tourist attraction. Its well worth taking a ride on one of the routes.