Top 10 Attractions

New Orleans SightseeingNew Orleans Top 10 Attractions – Sightseeing in New Orleans is fantastic, this city will make a big impression! There is no doubt about that. As you visit the various attractions you’ll be really surprised at all there is to see and do. We have listed our Top 10 Attractions below.

If you visit during Mardi Gras – your vacation will be a whirl of excitement. Mardi Gras is a different date each year – the day before Ash Wednesday – also called Pancake or Shrove Tuesday, much duller terms! In 2005 it is on February 6th, in 2006 it is February 28th. Mardi Gras is celebrated in many cities throughout the world but in New Orleans it is superlative. Mardi Gras New Orleans is centered around the Parades but there are lots of other attractions. The Parades are planned for years in advance and there is a load of traditions involved, the beads, the floats, masks, king cakes and so on. In fact the celebration itself starts on 6th January (the feast of the Epiphany) and rises to a fantastic climax on Mardi Gras Tuesday to you have weeks of brilliant festivities, carnival atmosphere and high excitement. In the Links section of this website is a link to the list of New Orleans Mardi Gras Parades for 2005.

However, if you can’t visit during the Mardi Gras season, you must get to the Blair Kern’s Mardi Gras World to see memorbilia, the floats being planned and made and lots of other preparations. So even if you are in New Orleans at a different time you can see the location, the preparations and the makings of what will be.

Of course then you’ll want to take a Cruise on the River Cajun Queen, a 600-passenger riverboat to see all the sights from the water. This is a paddlewheeler that operates up and down the Mississippi River in New Orleans. It is great fun and many of the cruises are themed – jazz cruises, swamp cruises and so on.

Definitely during your stay you must visit the Aquarium of the America and see how the amazing underwater species live. Another great attraction is the Audobon Zoo – you’ll have a day filled with wonderful memories – the Safari Simulator Ride, Monkey Hill, Komoda Dragons, the Jaguar Jungle
All these are in the Audobon Institute Park.

Then you need to check out some of the many museums in the area, particularly the Musee Conti Wax Museum – very entertaining (and there are a number of other museums in the area).

Here, we have chosen our Top 10 Attractions for the city of New Orleans. You can see the list below. But there are plenty more fantastic attractions in the New Orleans area in addition to these. This city is so much fun you won’t want your trip to ever end.

Blair Kern’s Mardi Gras World
233 Newton Street
New Orleans, LA 70114
Watch the preparations for Mardi Gras, the floats, etc also take a look at the memorabilia of past Mardi Gras parades, souvenirs, masks etc.

Riverboat Cajun Queen
1 Canal St
New Orleans, LA 70130
504 524 0814
A cruise on a 600 passenger riverboat touring New Orleans is the Riverboat Cajun Queen.

Aquarium of the Americas
Audubon Nature Institute
P.O. Box 432
New Orleans, LA 70178
(504) 861-2537
At Aquarium of the Americas see how the underwater world lives.

Audobon Zoo
Audubon Nature Institute
P.O. Box 4327
New Orleans, LA 70178
(504) 861-2537
Play along with the animals at the Audobon Zoo and enjoy all the fantastic different events.

Musee Conti Museum
917 Rue Conti
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 581-1993
(800) 233-5405
At the Conti Wax Museum you can enjoy a wax representation of the history of New Orleans. At this Museum you can follow the story of New Orleans right up to the present day. There are lifesize wax figures to show you the 300 year history of the City. Make time to visit the Haunted Dungeon – if you dare.

New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum
724 Dumaine St
New Orleans, LA 70116
504 523 7685
You’ll definitely want to experience the magic at the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum.

Haunted History Tours
97 Fontainebleau Dr
New Orleans, LA 70125
504 861 2727
Haunted stories will be told at the Haunted History Tours.

Beauregard-Keyes House
1113 Chartres St
New Orleans, LA 70116-2504
504 523 7257
Beauregard-Keyes House was built in 1826 and is for those who love old homes and the history surrounding it.

Confederate Museum
929 Camp St
New Orleans, LA 70130-3907
504 523 4522
For Civil War buffs this is a must see.

Woldenberg Riverfront Park
1 Canal St
New Orleans, LA 70130-1152
504 565 3033
On 20-Acres of land on the riverfront local artists show off their works.